Do You Need a Cleansing Oil to Remove Sunscreen? | CC Podcast #101

The chemists are gearing up for their 30 for 30 sunscreen challenge test! So naturally this is a great time to check up on some of the latest studies on sunscreens. We cover a large survey study on people’s sunscreen application habits (spoiler alert: it’s not great), an oil based vs water based cleanser study on sunscreen removal, a new J&J SPF50 vs SPF100 study, and an update on the ongoing studies on sunscreen’s impact on coral reef.

1:33 | Survey of 2000+ people and their sunscreen application habits

17:50 | Are oil cleansers better for sunscreen removal?

24:00 | Based on real-life application, is SPF100 better than SPF50?

30:08 | A quick note on kids vs baby sunscreen

32:10 | Animal corner: raven!

35:00 | An update on sunscreen’s effects on coral reef

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