The Chemists' (true) Confessions | CC Podcast #100

We’ve reached the 100th Episode! This week we’re going down memory lane ranking our top 5 podcast moments and our favorite skincare science. We also decide to reveal some true chemist “confessions”. We share what popular ingredients we might not be fully on board with and even what skincare steps we forget. Time for some fun!

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1:40 | Top Podcast Highlights: $5000 Skincare Chalice, cleanser science, and testing out vitamin C dupes
17:55 | Top Skin Science: Sunbrella vs. Sunscreen, the battle of the antioxidants vs. CE Ferulic, and does eating chocolate really cause acne
27:35 | Favorite animals!
31:00 | Chemists’ Confessions: how Victoria & Gloria REALLY feel about vitamin C and niacinamide…

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