Does 10% Azelaic Acid do Anything for Skin? | CC Podcast #102

The chemists don’t talk about this ingredient as much as they probably should but azelaic acid has a solid amount of data behind it…at the prescription level 15-20% concentration. Naturally, you have to wonder if the 10% azelaic acid products you can purchase as a cosmetic would actually do anything for skin? They dissect the benefits of azelaic acid, discuss the formulation challenges behind this active, and ultimately how they would use a 10% azelaic acid product in their routine.

1:37 | What is Azelaic Acid?

11:43 | Does 10% azelaic acid do anything for skin?

19:30 | Gambling, Procrastinating Pigeons

22:45 | How to Shop for Azelaic Acid Skincare


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