Gimmick or Not? Oh the skincare trends of the interwebs | CC Podcast S3 EP9

There are always new skincare trends to try! But what do the chemists Victoria & Gloria think of these buzzy skincare "miracles" on the interwebs?

1:06 | Brand Update: we've joined the Revela team as founders in residence! Stay tuned for more insights on how we're working on bringing a brand new molecule to the skincare world. Blank Slate was out of stock as of when we recorded the podcast episode... but it is back!

10:32 | In the News: some trends coming down the pipeline, a device to track your oral health, and plastic... as a sustainable option?

29:00 | The Meat Pt 1: Are these gimmicks or legit? Acne patches, anti-pollution skincare, blue light protection, and DIY skincare.

52:00 | Claims Corner: the ever so trending A313 French retinoid.... is it worth trying? 1:03:20 | The Meat Pt 2: Continuing with gimmicks! SPF100+, men's skincare, sheet masks, hot/cold treatments, and guasha.

1:09:20 | Animal Corner: hairless animals & sunscreen for your pooch! Are they legit?

1:22:30 | Q&A : How should you reapply sunscreen mid hike? Any cleanser recs?


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