2022 Antioxidants Update & New Launches | CC Podcast S3 EP 4

In episode 4 of 2022, chemists Gloria & Victoria decided that it's time to revisit antioxidants. It's a vast and messy world! So how are antioxidants tested in skincare? And why are we STILL talking about vitamin C?

0:00 | Brand Update

7:56 | In the News: More celebrity launches... and a crystal chalice for your skincare??

18:36 | And a special blip on decoding Skinceutical's new launch Phyto+ Brightening!

22:08 | The Meat Pt 1: The science of antioxidants... and why it's a vast, messy topic to talk about (refer back to episode 23 from last year if you want specifics on green tea, pycnogenol, lipoic acid!)

41:03 | Claims Corner: Salad is good for the body. So why not put salad on your face?

45:02 | The Meat Pt 2: Let's look at some new antioxidant launches!

1:03:22 | Animal Corner: Crabs! Nope, not the yummy variety - the fashionista variety!

1:09:31 | Q&A : So should we consider sodium ascorbyl phosphate or bakuchiol as an acne ingredient? How do you feel about Amore Pacific’s Single Extract Essence that’s green tea (fermented for 100 days)?

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