Decode that Trendy Acne Product | CC Podcast S4E33

With acne breakouts being the stubborn, complicated creature that it is, it’s no wonder the world of acne treatment options is a billion-dollar industry. Today we’re walking through some of the recently trendy acne favorites. Are they worth the hype? How important are they to your acne strategy? Let’s dive in! 

1:01 | Brand Update: Chemist Confessions Holiday Kits and Our Winter Haitus!

3:54 | In the News: Shiseido enters the wellness category and the death of celebrity brands

11:43 | Decode that Product: Tower 28 Spray, hydrocolloid patches, PanOxyl’s BPO cleanser

26:04 | Q&A: Retinol for body, microcurrent devices, and freckles


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