Can you combine retinol with ____?

We can’t believe we haven’t done a dedicated podcast episode to anti-aging superstar retinol. This skincare active has been clinically tested (again and again) to effectively improve fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation… you name it! But with thousands of retinol serums to choose from, and even countless different “retinoids” to shop for, it can get confusing fast. So let’s get into the retinoid landscape, interesting retinol clinical tests, and all your retinol questions answered.

0:00 | Nice words: Double Play Retionl Face & Eye Treatment, Aquafix Hydrating Water Gel, Experiment Chemists’ Mini Kit Promo code for podcast listners: PODCASTSHIP

5:30 | Meat pt 1: The retinoids landscape and how retinol compares to prescription tretinoin, and is retinal actually better than retinol

18:20 | Animal Corner: Glendale California’s fire-fighting goats!

23:42 | Meat pt 2: what other actives can you use with retinol? Can you use retinol post-botox? Where does retinol go in your routine?

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