Who It's For: This kit was put together for those with sensitive skin or new to chemical exfoliants. If you've dabbled in a few exfoliating toners and glycolic acid serums but have experienced irritation, this is the kit for you!
Directions: There are 2 ways to use this kit.
  • As a booster (I'm very worried about irritation): add a small drop of Baby Steps to Aquafix, mix well, then apply to clean face. If you choose the booster method, you can use it as nightly upkeep.
  • As a mask (I have acclimated my skin and ready for more efficacy): Apply a thin layer over entire face, avoid your eye area, leave-on for 10 minutes, then rinse off. Light stinging is normal
Pro-tip! Have an extra sensitive patch of skin? Spot treat with Balm Voyage prior to using Baby Steps to prevent irritation. 
*Sunburn Alert: With use of any AHA product, use sunscreen during use, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using the product and for a week afterwards.