Aquafix is the chemists’ take on the best of the water-loving ingredients. Think of this as the soothing, hydrating fundamental for people of all skin types.

Oily Skin

Aquafix is 100% oil-free this the perfect weightless hydrator that can cover all your moisturizing need without worrying about that midday shine. Use as the first step after cleansing both day and night.

Dry Skin

Aquafix is your foundational hydrating serum. Use morning and night as the first step after cleansing to keep dehydrated skin plump & happy.


If you’re a seasoned skincare pro who loves high levels of AHAs, vitamin C, and retinols, Aquafix is that sidekick to help keep skin flare ups in check. It’s our go to base to mix with our exfoliating treatments!