Our work is centered around the simple belief that
good skincare is rooted in sound science that's fun and approachable for all.



The two of us met at work while working as skincare formulation chemists for an international beauty conglomerate. As cubicle buddies with the same (terrible) sense of humor, we became fast friends and shared similar frustrations about the beauty industry. After leaving our corporate roles, we created the skincare science blog, Chemist Confessions, unsure whether or not anyone wanted to hear the chemists' perspective.

With organic traction and encouragement from our earliest followers, we decided to take on Chemist Confessions as a full time endeavor and expand into skincare solutions. At the end of the day, a chemists feel a little empty when we can't formulate. As an educational platform and skincare line, our mission is two-fold:

1. Empower the consumers with approachable science education to help create order in the skincare space by making skin science fun and approachable for all.

2. Provide user-friendly skincare solutions to help skincare users own their routine and ultimately solve need gaps in the skincare landscape.

So whether you're a lost beginner or a seasoned skincare enthusiasts, we hope our work can help you put some logic to your skincare journey. And as always, please reach out to us with any burning skincare questions!

-Your friendly neighborhood chemists,

Gloria & Victoria


In our years of working in the industry we've seen so many products spark and flame out. Unfortunately the beauty industry doesn't want to tell you that it's not about the latest and greatest, it's about the tried-and-true.

A chemists' purpose is all about creating a meaningful, kick ass formula. Which means we only choose the most effective and safe ingredients at fine-tuned, optimized percentages. So rest assured, you won't get abused concentrations that land you in a world of irritation and definitely no dashes of voodoo extract here.

Our formulas are created to leave no skin type nor skin routine behind. They are created to integrate easily into anyone's routine.

So let's get started and elevate your skincare routine!



If you've attempted the skincare science rabbit hole, it can seem overwhelming. pH, molecular wegiths, actives layering, bah...

Fear not! We've broken down this dense, intimidating skin science lingo with our signature breakdowns, fun sketches and helpful tables included!

We wrote the book with a very lofty goal in mind: it had to be simple & fun enough for the beginner... yet comprehensive enough for even seasoned skinthusiasts.

So checkout Skincare Decoded no matter where you are on your skincare journey.


Education is an inseparable part of Chemist Confessions. We strive to continue the mission of empowering consumers with skin science knowledge. We curate content for all types of medium, from bite-sized insights on Instagram, deeper dives via the CC blog, to very human conversation over a few drinks on our podcast.

We're also proud to be interviewed as expert contributors for publications such as Byrdie, The Cut, New Beauty Magazine, Vogue, Dermascope, and more!


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Gloria Lu Cofounder

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