The 2020 #LazyPoll Collection - The Best Lists From the IG Community

Let's hear From the IG Skincare Community!

In 2020 we started running a few #lazypolls on instagram, where we polled our community of followers on their top skincare favorites. These were a huge success not only because of the product discoveries but we discovered fellow skincare users helping others through the poll threads. We had to compile the! 

So here you'll find the compilation of all the lazypolls we ran in 2020 and should you need more details, head to shop my shelf links for more info or head to the IG post to hear more from the community.

Cleansing Balms: Poll Ran 1/17/2020

cleansing balm IG poll top favorites

The top 3 comes at no surprise as these three have been cult favorites in the instagram community for a while. But we had to add in the honorable mentions, since these are newer to the market and have noteworthy user experiences.

Detailed List of Top Favorites // Instagram Poll Community Thread

Cleansers: Poll Ran 4/7/2020

The cleanser category is probably the main category where the science doesn't bring that much more transparency. Cleansers are incredibly personal and often takes a lot of trial and error to make heads or tails of what might work for your skin. We find this poll to be one of the more important polls we did this year. Links below for more info on the favorite product compiled by the community and the thread itself to hear more from the community on their experiences.

Detailed List of Top Favorites // Instagram Poll Community Thread

Sunscreens: Poll Ran 5/1/2020

2020 Community Sunscreen Favorites

Sunscreen formulas are all around tough to figure out because they often come with a host of undesirable aesthetics: greasy, heavy, drag, white cast, etc. We often recommend chemical sunscreens for their lighter textures and less chance of a white cast, but chemical sunscreens have a higher tendency to not work out for sensitive skin types. Mineral sunscreens are an alternative, but these textures can be heavier, have a high chance of leaving a white cast, and some can even feel drying.

Because a good chunk of this list comes from EU and Asia, it requires a more roundabout way of purchasing either directly from their website or through smaller third party channels. If you do try to purchase these, just check their expiration date when you get them since some third party channels end up receiving the older lots.

Detailed List of Top Favorites // Instagram Poll Community Thread

Moisturizers: Poll Ran 5/22/2020

Top Moisturizer Favorites 2020

 This is a pretty solid assortment for various skin types should you need a moisturizer starting point. We typically recommend gel creams as a starting palce for oily/combination skin types: Farmacy Daily Greens, Neutrogena Moisture Boost, CosRX Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion, our very own Mr. Reliable Moisturizer, etc. For dry skin types, look for moisturizers with oils higher up on the ingredient list and and for more butters and waxes to make an appearance. Consider formulas like Vanicream Moisturizing Lotion, La Roche Posay  Cicaplast, Stratia Liquid Gold, etc.

Detailed List of Top Favorites // Instagram Poll Community Thread

Peptide Products: Poll Ran 7/31/2020

Community Poll Peptide Favorites Anti-aging Peptide products are an exotic and mysterious category that usually are positioned for anti-aging, anti-wrinkle claims. Unfortunately, there's a lot of peptides out there, most of them are proprietary, and not all are effective. So of course we had to check in with the community to see if any of our fellow skincare junkies had any success with peptide products. Should you find yourself on the market for peptides, we typically recommend people to start with Matrixyl 3000 or Haloxyl to start.

Detailed List of Top Favorites // Instagram Poll Community Thread

Niacinamide Products: Poll Ran 8/28/2020  

Niacinamide Favorites Community Poll

This is one of the categories that really exploded this past year. Niacinamide is the big brother active that helps bolster the skin barrier, fight pigmentation, and even help with oil-control. Because of it's versatility and relatively easy incorporation, it ends up in all sorts of products. Just remember that you only need 2-5% concentration to take advantage of niacinamide's benefits so definitely browse your products ingredient lists so you're not stacking too much. There is such thing as too much of a good thing, even with this guy.

Detailed List of Top Favorites // Instagram Poll Community Thread

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