Podcast#26: Did someone say sebum? All about oily skin

Do you worry about the dreaded midday shine? This episode is for you!

In this episode dedicated to oily skin, chemists Victoria & Gloria talk about the biology of oily skin, why it's not all bad news, and some products and ingredients that target those overly productive sebaceous glands.

1:35 | Brand Update: gasp! We're finally ready for the Hatchery again

6:42 | In the News: MLB's gripe with sunscreen, new launches, and Victoria tricks Gloria with a #priceisright exercise

26:35 | The Meat: Biology of Oily Skin

38:00 | The Meat: Interesting studies about oily skin. Is it true that chocolate is an oily skin culprit?

49:45 | The Meat: Cult favorite oily skin products... do they work?

59:13 | Animal fun fact corner! Physics genius archer fish

1:03:33 | Q&A a CoQ10 study we missed... let's break down the data!



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