Decoding Vitamin C Products | CC Podcast S4E15

Vitamin C is definitely a must-have active during summer because of its excellent antioxidant properties to help prevent and combat photodamage. Because of its benefits, this category has expanded in the last couple of years into different formats outside of the classic: water-based, suspension, and powder formats. In this episode, let’s decode a wash-off mask, a stick, and an AOX sunscreen to see if these alternative formats hold any merit.

1:08 | Brand News: Website Sneak Peak and The Next 30 for 30 Challenge?

5:54 | The News: Class Action Lawsuits, Metaverse Beauty Events, and Rhode’s Latest Launch

23:15 | Decode That Claim: Vitamin C in Masks, Sticks and Sunscreens

37:12 | Q&A: Reviewing the OG Vitamin C Formats and using Unseen Sunscreen as a Primer

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