Decode that Moisturizer | CC Podcast S4E13

It’s time to give our skin barrier some spotlight. But wait! When you start going down the rabbit hole of moisturizers, you stumble on some very odd formulation. So let’s go through some recent product launches and see if we can figure out what exactly we want in a moisturizer and how to make sense of the wild ingredients and claims.

1:10 | Brand News: Chemist Confessions might be getting a new look!

0:47 | The News: Questionable Sunscreen Articles, Celebrity Routines, and New Tech

17:30 | Decode That Claim: Cleansers, Luxury Retinols, and Moisturizers with Too Many Actives

31:24 | Q&A: Sunscreen Sticks as a Layering Tool & AHAs + Vitamin C

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