Decode that Home Peel | CC Podcast S4E23

Correction on this episode!! Someone on instagram kindly pointed out to us the base we so blatantly missed on the Dermalogica Peelfoliant. We received the product, and measured the pH. The product has a pH of 3.6, which is consistent with most home peels on the market. We'd say this is a home peel on a mid to mild intensity!

Correction 2: our friend aesthi friend @cherrydollface pointed out to us that many in-office peels don't really require neutralization. Consult your professional on what works best for you, and what to expect!

Chemical exfoliants come in all sorts of product types and one type that seems to be expanding is home peels. These typically include higher concentrations of chemical exfoliants and are meant to be used as wash-off masks. To give everyone a general picture of the landscape, we go through a few product decodes and soon realize this realm isn’t as straightforward as we thought!



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