Are You Applying Sunscreen Correctly? | CC Podcast S4 Ep 6

The sun is here! This means it’s time for us all to brush up on our sunscreen habits and make sure we all know what to look for when shopping for sunscreens. But the sunscreen landscape is vast and there are so many types to choose from: fluids, lotions, droppers, sprays, sticks, and foams?! Does this mean we have to apply these differently? How well does the touted “2-finger rule” hold up? So much to get into!

0:46 | Nice Words We Didn’t Pay For

5:44 | The Meatz Pt. 1: We did the test! “How do we know how much sunscreen to apply?”

28:42 | Animal Corner: The Arabian Sand Boa

31:32 | The Meatz Pt. 2: How to Shop for a Sunscreen

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